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Hidden Dangers & Missing Children

Community Partners 4 Kids provides education and resources to families, their children, and the community free of charge. These opportunities on how to identify and avoid predators and be safe are life lessons that every child needs to be exposed to in an environment of love, safety, and community.

95% of child sexual abuse is preventable by education. CP4Kids is proud to be a source for this prevention by providing the following services:

Child ID

CP4Kids’ Child ID Program provides a vital resource to parents if their child would go missing, regardless of the reason. When a digital child ID is created, the parents leave the event with an Amber Alert certified CD or USB drive with complete information on their child. The electronic file contains photos, a complete set of digital fingerprints, a voice print and video of the child. If a child is missing and considered in danger, this information may be prudent to have an Amber Alert issued.

B-Safe Program

The B-SAFE program is a workshop designed to educate both parents and children on the dangers from predators in today’s high tech world. From cyberbullying, sexting, child pornography, and groming for abduction and sex traffiking, all families need to be aware of the risks kids face online and how to effectively avoid them. The online risks to children drastically decrease from proper education and communication – children are taught how to recognize danger and remove themselves from the situation.

The B-SAFE Program is available in age appropriate modules, ages 3 – 9 & 10 – 17.

Advanced Writing Skills (AWS)

Partnering with certified educators, CP4Kids now offers an in-school safety education program for middle school students though providing an after school Pennsylvania standards based writing curriculum. Specifically designed for students who need extra support, or who participate in an ESL program, AWS provides much needed writing enrichment.

Through age appropriate information, topics, discussions, and writing assignments, the 10-week after school program is the perfect fit for any middle school setting.

Community Safety Days

CP4Kids cornerstone program allows local businesses to support their community by sponsoring a series of prevention and recovery programs for children and their families. Combining both the Child ID workshop with the B-SAFE Program, children and families learn needed safety information while the business sponsor demonstrates their compassionate commitment to the communities where they conduct business.

Our Partners & Sponsors


Glen A. Dorney - Chief of Police, City of Allentown Police Department

“The Allentown Police Department and I, wholeheartedly appreciate the "Community Partners 4 Kids" program. Over the years, we have worked collaboratively in numerous programs including the recent "B-Safe workshops as well as the eleven child ID events presented jointly throughout 2016. We also very much appreciate the child safety handbooks repeatedly supplied to us. Without this assistance, it would have been difficult for the department to carry out these goals.

We look forward to a continued collaborative working relationship which will be long lasting and beneficial to the children and residents of the City of Allentown. ”

Kids Discovery Expo – DaVinci Science Center

“Thanks to your generous support, the May 3rd Kids Discovery Expo, held at the DaVinci Science Center, was once again a tremendous success”

Lynn N. – Parent at State Rep Rosemary Browne ID Event

“Keeping our children safe is a priority. The Child ID program is an excellent resource for families in our neighborhood.”

American Bank

“Thank you for the opportunity for American Bank to participate as a host of a Child ID event. You should be proud of the Child ID program and the peace of mind that it provides to parents”