Become a part of the solution to stop child predators, child abuse, sex trafficking of children & youth and abductions in the Lehigh Valley.

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Our Mission

To be the expert source on safety education and behavior for every child in the communities we serve.

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Our Community

Community Partners 4 Kids believes that every child deserves a safe childhood. As children and youth face risks every day, CP4Kids seeks to be a source of education, action, and encouragement. Recognizing that education is key in helping children avoid dangers, we provide safety, prevention training, and resources for families.

CP4Kids works to form partnerships with families to provide information children must learn in order to recognize dangers and take action. Providing education in live workshops and using one of our many technological resources, the end result of a prepared child can be trusted.

About Our Programs

The child safety programs available through Community Partners 4 Kids are designed to provide children, their families, schools, and the community with the resources needed to best protect and educate our youth.

Child Identification - Amber Alert Certified

CP4Kids’ Child ID program provides parents the opportunity to have an electronic record of their child’s photo and fingerprints. This resource can be easily shared with authorities during a time of emergency.

B-SAFE Educational Workshops

Through the use of video, children are given the knowledge and skills to avoid dangerous situations and individuals.

Publisher of the LV Child Safety Handbook

Distributed throughout the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area, the Child Safety Handbook provides safety and educational resources to the community.

Community Safety Days

Gathering as a community, CP4Kids holds events that educate and provide resources to families to keep their children safe.

Advanced Writing Skills (AWS)

Providing students in schools with additional writing skills through the use of a safety based curriculum that is tied to Pennsylvania standards.


Kids Discovery Expo – DaVinci Science Center

“Thanks to your generous support, the May 3rd Kids Discovery Expo, held at the DaVinci Science Center, was once again a tremendous success”

Lynn N. – Parent at State Rep Rosemary Browne ID Event

“Keeping our children safe is a priority. The Child ID program is an excellent resource for families in our neighborhood.”

American Bank

“Thank you for the opportunity for American Bank to participate as a host of a Child ID event. You should be proud of the Child ID program and the peace of mind that it provides to parents”